East meets West

The Mental Bridging concept, created by Bjørn Aris, is focused on increasing the output (return, if you will) of employees. The training course focuses on utilizing the capacity of both the rational (left) and the emotional (right) sides of our brain. By bridging the capacities of the left and right sides of the brain, employees are better able to work effectively and it will increase creative (out-of-the-box) thinking, unlocking some 75% of their brain potential. It also allows employees to better handle working in stressful situations. Although the origin of this knowledge is Oriental, by 2006 all its workings had been scientifically proven by Western medical, brain and behavioral research (at European, as well as US universities) 

Programmes are tailor-made and are unique in their practical approach. Not only is the theory explained, but in the practical sessions we use techniques derived from the Oriental martial art of iaido: Japanese Samurai Swordsmanship.

By experiencing the theory in practice, it is easier to retain what you have learned. And it provides an opportunity to link the theory to your daily routine.

Using Eastern wisdom together with Western science creates new insights for the participants. This in turn allows them to consider challenges in a new and creative light, while focussing on working efficiently. This breakthrough, usually achieved in the last stage of the training session, is the starting point for a new way ahead.

When applied, the Mental Bridging model - 4 basic principles - is a guaranteed succes. The basic principles will be explained and experienced by using exercises derived from Japanese Samurai Swordsmanship. At the end, the workings will also be explained rationally.

Key subjects which will be addressed include, but aren't limited to:

. pro activity

. problem solving vs symptom fighting

. communication

. behaviour

. conditioning

. balance

. stress

. use of left and right side of the brain

. breathing

. various practical techniques


which will/can (also) be linked to elements (not limited to) identified in the morning programme/intake, amongst other things.

At the end of the programme participants will have become aware of blocking factors (internal as well as external) which prohibit joyful living and being effective at work.

They also learned how to unlock their brain potential, and received tools to further develop this.

During the training course they will achieve a major breakthrough through one of their blocking factors; fear.

The Mental Bridging concept has been successfully taught to over 60 nationalities across various continents and it has been subject to academic research. All it workings have been scientifically proven


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